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Government Of Assam Environment & Forest

What We Do

  • Description of the main Plans/ Programs/ Missions/ Work implemented by the Department.

    (a) Brief description of the schemes indicating the main objectives, components and beneficiaries:

    Forestry is a vital sector of the State. It is a very important component of social sector in terms of goods and services it delivers.

    The forest cover in Assam as per the latest assessment by Forest Survey of India (F.S.I.) Report, 2003 is 34.45%/ 24.58 % (with forest & tree cover of 36.67 %) of the Geographical area both within and outside the notified forest area. The forest cover is probably more than what the nations aspires to achieve by the end of XIth Plan. The concept of extension forestry initiated in the early eighties under State Plan has percolated down well in terms of extent of forest cover outside the notified area.

    However the scenario within the notified area depicts a rather gloomy state in terms of degradation during the last 20 years due to various biotic factors. As a result, considerable rich biodiversity has been lost which has to be re-created again.

    The thrust areas identified by the Department is as below :

    Conservation of areas having rich biodiversity.

    Arresting the trend of degradation and reverting the process by afforestation & reforestation through various stake holders.

    Conservation and development of Protected Area Network.

    Up-gradation of Research and Development activities.

    In order to make a forceful impact in areas identified as stated above, it is essential to have regular funding from all possible sources.

    (b) Implementation mechanism:

    There seems apparent resource crisis before the Govt. to meet the investment needs under forestry sector. The forestry activities being the one essential for assuring continuity of various life supporting nature functions, the resource mobilization for investment under forestry sector is essential keeping the high investment need under forestry sector and continuing resource crisis in mind.

    (c) Allocations, expenditure, target and achievements (Physical & Financial) etc. are shown under concerned Wings of the Department.