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Government Of Assam Environment & Forest

Penalties for violation of the Act, 2002

  • If violation of any provision of the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 is detected or observed by any person or groups of persons or communities or local bodies or BMCs in matters falling within the jurisdiction of the State Biodiversity Board, a complaint may be made to the State Biodiversity Board of Assam in Form- VII appended to these Rules by giving a thirty days’ time.

    55-(1)Contravention or 
    attempt to contravene or 
    Abet Contravention of   Section-3 or Section-4 or Section-6
    Imprisonment up to 5 years  or Fine up to Rs 10 lakh
    Fine  commensurate  to damage (if damage is  above  10 lakh)
    55-(2)Contravention of  Section-7 or
    Orders  made  u/sub-section 
    (2) of  Sect-24
    Imprisonment up to 3 years
    Fine up to Rs 5 lakh or  Both
    56Any orders  of Central/State Government/ NBA / SBB
    ( if  no penalty is prescribed)
    1st default- Rs  1 lakh
    2nd  default- Rs  2 lakh
    Continued default- 2 lakh every day
    57 (1)
    57 (2)
    Offence  by Companies / Firm /Association of  individuals
    Director/Manager/secretary etc.
    Same  penalty as  for  individuals
    58All offence under this  Act  shall be cognizable and  non bailable
    59Provisions  of this Act are in addition and  not  in derogation of any other Act