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Government Of Assam Environment & Forest

National Bio Gas & Manure Management Program

What is Biogas

Biogas is a clean, non-polluting and low cost fuel. The gas is highly flammable and is very useful as a fuel. Its composition is methane 55%, carbon dioxide 35%, hydrogen 7.4%, nitrogen 2.6% and water in traces. Its calorific value is 21.5 kg/ ltr.

What is Biogas Plant

It is a system which produces a gaseous product which is used for domestic purposes it is obtained by anaerobic (in the absence of air) fermentation of organic materials.


  • To provide clean bio-gaseous fuel mainly for cooking purposes and also for other applications for reducing use of LPG and other conventional fuels.
  • To meet 'lifeline energy' needs for cooking as envisaged in 'Integrated Energy policy'.
  • To provide bio-fertilizer/ organic manure to reduce use of chemical fertilizers.
  • To mitigate drudgery of rural women, reduce pressure on forests and accentuate social benefits.
  • To improve sanitation in villages by linking sanitary toilets with biogas plants.
  • To mitigate climate Change by preventing black carbon and methane emissions.

Uses of Biogas

Cooking, Lighting and Running of Generator etc.

Model used

Family Type Biogas Plants (3 cum) Dinabandhu model

The main feature of a Dinabandhu biogas plant is the fixed underground digester chamber, constructed with a layer of bricks and an additional layer of cement mortar forming the roof above. Connected to the underground chamber is an inlet tank through which manure is fed into the plant. The manure then ferments separating the slurry from the methane gas which rises and collects at the top of the digester tank, and is released through the gas outlet pipe. The slurry passes into the outlet tank where it is ejected from the plant and can be used as fertilizer on the field.

Benefits of using Biogas

  • No need of firewood. Trees are saved.
  • No smoke in the Kitchen, health of woman and children are protected.
  • Produces organic manure for a sustainable agriculture.
  • Biogas is a good alternative energy. It saves the dwindling fossil fules.