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Reach Kaziranga National Park


Kaziranga National Park is located in parts of Golaghat, Nagaon and Sonitpur districts of Assam (INDIA). The Park HQ are at Bokakhat, on the NH 37 (now NH 715) which is also the Sub Divisional HQ of Bokakhat Civil Sub Division in Golaghat District.Bokakhat is about 240 km east of Guwahati which is the capital city of Assam and the Gateway to the North east India.

Kaziranga has five ranges namely Eastern Range at Agaratoli (which is about 4 km north east of Bokakhat), Central Range at Kohora (which is about 20 km west of Bokakhat), Western Range at Bagori (which is about 12 km further west of Kohora), Burapahar Range at Ghorakati (which is about 25 km further west of Bagori on the NH 37) and Northern Range at Biswanath (which is aerially about 44 km north west of Bokakhat, and by road 168 km).

Address : "Kaziranga Main Entrance, Kohora, Assam, INDIA"

How to Reach?

By Air to Guwahati/ Jorhat / Dibrugarh/ Silchar:

Most convenient way to reach Kohora is to take a flight to Guwahati for all those coming from outside the North-east India. Guwahati has regular flights to and from Delhi, Kolkata, Imphal, Agartalla, Bagdogra, Dibrugarh, Silchar and Jorhat. One can alight at Guwahati and proceed by road to Kohora/ Bagori; and it may take about 4-5 hours of road journey. Jorhat has flights from Guwahati and Kolkata. One can alight at Jorhat, and travel one and half hours to Kohora by road. Silchar is well connected with Guwahati and Kolkata. However, the road journey could be long and arduous. One could also alight at Dibrugarh and travel by road to Kohora, but the road journey would be long and arduous.

By Rail to Guwahati/Jorhat:

One can reach by railways to Guwahati, which is well connected to the rest of India. From Guwahati, one can, then, go by road to Kohora. There are also trains to Jorhat from Guwahati/ Dibrugarh. One can alight at Jorhat and drive by road to Kohora.

By Road from Guwahati:

Kohora is the main tourist hub for Kaziranga. Its on the National Highway 37 (NH 37) which is linked to Guwahati on the west and Jorhat on the east. From Guwahati, it can directly be reached by road (NH 37). It takes anything from 4-5 hours depending upon time of travel and traffic congestion. The route from Guwahati is Guwahati – Sonapur – Khetri – Jagiroad – Nelli – Dharamtul – Nagaon (bypass) – Puranigodam – Samaguri – Kaliabor Tiniali (junction from where one can divert to Tezpur) – Jakhlabandha – Burapahar (Ghorakati) – Bagori – Kohora.

By Road from Jorhat:

Kohora can also be reached from Jorhat (and further east from Sibsagar which is about 56 km east of Jorhat on the NH 37, and also Dibrugarh which further east on NH 37 about 140 km from Jorhat). Kohora is about 88 km west of Jorhat. The route from Jorhat to Kohora is Jorhat – Dergaon – Rangamati – Badulipar – Kamargaon – Numaligarh Tiniali (divert here for NH39 to Golaghat & Dimapur) – Behora – Bokakhat – Kohora.

By Road from Tezpur:

Kohra can also be reached from Tezpur (and further east from Itanagar, which is about 165 km further east of Tezpur on NH 52). There is a link road with a bridge over the Brahmaputra river at Kalia Bhomora which connects Tezpur city with Kaliabor on NH37 at Kaliabor Tiniali. The distance from Tezpur to Kaliabor is 25 km. From there one can turn left on the NH 37 to reach Jakhlabandha – Burapahar (Ghorakati) – Bagori – Kohora.

By Road from Golaghat:

Kohora can be reached from Golaghat (and further south from Dimapur which 85 km south of Golaghat on NH39, and Diphu which is about 120 km from Golaghat). Move northward on NH39 from Golaghat till Numaligarh -NH37 Tri-Junction. from the triple point take a left turn on the NH 37. Golaghat to Kohora distance is about 50 km.

By Road from Silchar:

From Silchar one can take the National Highway 54 and reach Nagaon (Bypass) via Bandarkhal – Jatinga – Haflong – Mahur – Maibang – Lumding – Doboka – Kathiatoli.

By Road from Shillong:

One can reach Kohora from Shillong via Jorabat (which is 80 km from Shillong on the NH 40). Enroute one would pass via Nongpoh and Umling. From Jorabat, one can turn right on the NH37 and follow the road via Sonapur – Khetri – Jagiroad – Nelli – Dharamtul – Nagaon (bypass) – Puranigodam – Samaguri – Kaliabor Tiniali (junction from where one can divert to Tezpur) – Jakhlabandha – Burapahar (Ghorakati) – Bagori – Kohora.

Brief of Travel Options:

RouteStart PointDestinationTransportDistanceDuration
Route 1Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Borjhar, GuwahatiKaziranga (Kohora)By road (NH37)250 Kms5 hrs
Route 2Rowroya Airport, JorhatKaziranga (Kohora)By road (NH37)105 Kms2 hrs
Route 3Guwahati Railway StationKaziranga (Kohora)By road (NH37)210 Kms4 hrs
Route 4TezpurKaziranga (Kohora)By road (NH37)90 Kms2 hrs
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