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Forestry Research of Assam

Forestry research in Assam is headed by Chief Conservator of Forests (Research, Education and Working Plans) and Conservator of Forests (Research & Education). There are 2 Divisions – Silviculture and Genetics. The Silviculture Division has 5 Ranges at Basistha, Rani, Amsoi, Loharband & Jeypore and the Genetics Division has 4 Ranges with Hd/Qr at Rani, Basistha, Potasali & Lakhipather There is only 1 Scientist & 1 Research officer in the wing.

A full fledged Silviculturist was appointed in Forest Dept by the Assam Govt. during the year 1927 with Hd/Qr at Shillong, erstwhile capital of the State. Prior to this, a botanical officer used to carry out the activities of the Silviculturist. Initially, the main works under taken by the Silviculturist were directed towards the following domains, a) laying out experimental plots b) formation of incremental plots c) classification of forest types in the State & d) laying out of sample plots of important economical species. However, over the decades experiments carried out by the Silviculturist encompassed issues like feasibility of introduction of exotic species, determining suitable propagation techniques & optimum thinning cycle of several species, study on growth & yield of bark & many more. Some outstanding officers like Late M.L.Saikia, Late M.N.Pait, Late J.Swer, Late S. Rajkhowa & Late D.P.Neog headed the prestigious Silviculture division.

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